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Honors Accordion Orchestra Cruise 2016
Honors Accordion Orchestra Cruise 2016 

Honors Certificate Program

Would you be interested in receiving a Reward for completing simple musical tasks that would improve your playing ability?


How about SMALL STEPS with at Certificate at each STEP – with each step (session) maybe taking a month to complete? – for mastering a few songs, a few exercises and learning some musical terms and technique drills?


How about a Performance Certificate at each session level? How about a MASTERS Certificate for completing both Performance and Teaching Levels?

I currently have the endorsement of Hohner US, Alfred Publishing, and many other Major Accordion Publishers, Manufacturers, and Accordion Artists (I will name names when I have their backing in writing!) – all stating this is long over due.


I am “gathering” the greatest accordion and music theory materials and compiling them into a concentrated – cohesive progression of steps – that will allow the Teacher/Student or the “self learner” – to know they are on a path that will reward as well as teach, know they are progressing toward a solid musical education and KNOW THEY HAVE THE BEST MATERIALS there is available.


How great would it be to brag to your accordion friends that you are Performance Certified Level 5? or you are Teacher Certified Level 8? or you are Master Certified Level 10? and all with a Wood Mounted Certificate to PROVE IT!!


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